Sunday, 28 September 2014


The Top Ten blogs of 2014, I would write if I still wrote blogs.

10. Scott Snyder - The man with the talent to turn everything he writes into an issue of The National Geographic.

9. The importance of the original ' What If ? series to modern Marvel Comics.

8. Proving that, obviously comics weren't sexist before THAT Spiderwoman cover by showing you pictures of Power Girl, Tigra and everything that Kevin Maguire and Greg Land ever drew.......and hang on a minute, isn't the ability to be sexually attractive one of her magical special powers anyway ?

7. Alan Moore's Watchmen 2 proposal surfaces.

6. DIY SOS / Multiversity SOS. In which a long standing, slightly dull and possibly passed its sell by date corporation makes variations of exactly the same pointless, unimportant yet unfathomably highly regarded prime time TV show.

5. Alan Moore and the great " For fucksake I never said I loved Crossed, I just said I was feeling cross ! " misunderstanding of 2014.

4. Bleeding Cool or bleeding colon ? You decide ! One generates a lot of nervous excitement and food for thought after regularly shitting out overly large volumes of waste product from the digestive tract of an animal, through an anus.

.....and the other means you probably need to see your Doctor.

3. Batman and Marvel Comics being almost as old as the average age of their readership.

2. Minecraft - The stupidly popular survivalist game in which Steve turns out to be a living God who has the skill to reshape an entire world into his own image, on a mere whim.

1. The Ian Curtis School of Dance -

.....just sayin'